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IMTMA organizes more than 100 Technical Training Programmes on wide ranging topics in the areas of Design, Productivity, Metal Forming, Maintenance, HR, Quality, Automation, Technology, etc. for the benefit of the Metal Working industry. All the programmes are delivered through subject matter experts who have rich domain experience in the industry.

In order to meet the 21st century demands of manufacturing, IMTMA Technology Centre provides a versatile approach to learning based on industry needs, with emphasis on hands-on training. The comprehensive training programmes address the needs of everyone fromshop floor to top management personnel.

IMTMA conducts a number of Training programmes / Seminars which include:

  • Around 12 short term training programmes conducted every month
  • A month long Finishing School in Production Technology conducted bimonthly 
  • Custom made programmes as per company requirements 
  • Digital Factory etc...

IMTMA's immediate future expansion of training programmes are : 

  • Expanding Training Facilities
  • Rasquina-IMTMA Training Centre in Metal Forming 
  • Increase Current courses and introduce training programmes on new topics
  • Introduce Short Term / Medium Term courses
  • Expand Finishing school to other centres

IMTMA Programmes Library
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1 Hands-on training in Programming & Operation of CNC Machining Centres Enquire / Know More
2 Hands-on training in Programming & Operation of CNC Turning Centres Enquire / Know More
3 Advanced CNC Programming for Machining Centres Enquire / Know More
4 Advanced CNC Programming for Turning Centres Enquire / Know More
5 Selection of Tools and cutting parameters for CNC Machining Enquire / Know More
6 Reducing Cycle Time & Cost on CNC Machining Centres Enquire / Know More
7 Challenges & soultions in Thread cutting Enquire / Know More
8 High Speed Machining (HSM) / High Performance Machining Technology (HPM) Enquire / Know More
9 Idle Time Reduction in CNC Machining through Quick changeover techniques Enquire / Know More
10 Measuring Productivity through OEE Enquire / Know More
11 Basics of Gear Manufacturing Processes Enquire / Know More
12 Prodcutive Utilization of CNC Grinding Machines Enquire / Know More
13 Visual Factory / Visual Management: Paving Way for Lean, TQM and TPM Implementation Enquire / Know More
14 The System Approach to Precision Manufacturing - Grinding Processes Enquire / Know More
15 Challenges in Machining Aerospace Materials & Composites Enquire / Know More
16 Cost reduction and Quality enhancement through VA / VE Enquire / Know More
17 Machining Dynamics : Transforming science into technologies for improved productivity Enquire / Know More
18 Challenges and solutions in achieving geometrical accuracies in machining Enquire / Know More

Our Initiatives

Productivity Institute

The need for Productivity Institute

  • Is your work place suffering from poor productivity?
  • Do you feel that supervision is weak on the shop floor?
  • Do your shop floor personnel find it difficult to achieve targets?
  • You have the machine in place, but not the men to optimize usage?

  • Read More
Finishing School

Realizing the need to enhance the skill sets of fresh engineers in mechanical engineering to make "Industry Employable" and to mould them as per the company requirements, IMTMA organizes

Read More
Design Institute

The rapid growth of Indian machine tool Industry and the increasing sophistication of machine tool has created the need for a new breed of machine tool technologists.

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