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IMTMA Productivity Institute is equipped with state of the art training facilities including production CNC machines, metrology equipment including CMM, CAD/CAM systems, latest cutting tools, work holding accessories, robots and other industrial automation accessories. Hands-on training is imparted in a wide variety of subjects resulting in Productivity and Quality improvement in manufacturing industries.

State of the Art Training Facilities

Hands on training / Real time practical demonstration using machines and equipment

Training by Subject Matter Experts with more than three decades of experience

Live Demonstrations, Group Exercises, Presentations and Industry Visits

Discussions on Industry Case Studies and Practical Examples

Interactive Sessions

CNC Vertical Machining Centre - BFW

Interchangeable Quick Clamping systems - Jergens, Alukeep, Sarda

CNC Turning Centre - Jyoti

Shrink fit system/ Holders - Bliz

CNC Lathe Simple Turn - Ace Designers

Digital Height gauge - Electronica

CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machines - Hexagon Metrology

TPM trak system for productivity monitoring - AMIT

6 axis Welding and Machine Tending Robot with 2D vision system - FANUC

5 axis material handling robot - TAL Manufacturing Solutions

CAD/CAM Softwares - Cadem, Mastercam

Cutting tools and holders - Taegutec, Komet

Cutting fluid and accessories - Blaser

PC based CNC Programming & Simulation Kits - FANUC and Siemens

Hydraulic, Pneumatic Training Kits - Bosch Rexroth

Digital/ Air Gauges/ Measuring Instruments - Baker

Tool Management System Including Non-contact type tool pre setter - Zoller

PLC, Servo and VFD Training kits - Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens

Touch probe for tool setup & work set up - Blum, Renishaw

Vision Inspection System - Customized Technologies

Interchangeable clamping system and Hydraulic holders - Schunk


Jun, 2018

Gear Manufacturing Processes

28 to 30 Jun, 2018, IMTMA, 249F, Udyog Vihar Phase - IV, Sector - 18, Gurgaon, Haryana
Gear manufacturing is a fairly complex metal cutting process and forms an integral part of many industrial products. Gears and Gear drives are one of the key components of all kinds of vehicles, machine tools, aircrafts, household appliances as well as a broad variety of industrial equipments. Proper understanding about the various Gear manufacturing processes and controlling parameters is essential in order to meet the growing demands for better productivity and quality of gears.
Jun, 2018

Fundamentals of Product Quality Planning (APQP) & Implementation of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

28 to 29 Jun, 2018, Chinchwad
New Product Development assumes lot of significance and has become very much essential for sustaining business growth of industries. However often many costly mistakes and time delay happen in new development of Products / Parts as well as processes. APQP mitigates such risks by following a systematic approach & upfront actions to ensure first time right from the beginning. All OEMs now mandate use of APQP as this system helps in development of product / process faster well in time, defect free and within budget. The APQP is well supported by PPAP to ensure consistent quality supplies as per customer requirement.
Jun, 2018

Calibration of CNC Metal Cutting Machine Tools

28 to 28 Jun, 2018, BIEC, 10th Mile Tumkur Road, Madavara Post
Machine Tool Calibration is rapidly becoming an essential part of the manufacturing process with customers demanding higher accuracy from machine tools for handling precision parts with tighter tolerances. Machine tools are subject to positioning errors which might increase over a period of time due to natural wear and tear or failing parts or worn out moving parts.
Jun, 2018

Manufacturing Excellence through Productivity Improvement

26 to 27 Jun, 2018, Bangalore
Manufacturing excellence / World class manufacturing, is the best ability of any company to provide high quality, competitive priced products and services in a global market place. Today’s challenges in achieving world class stature in manufacturing include improving product quality, increasing productivity, shortening new product development cycle and bringing in culture of innovation etc. Productivity of equipment is one of the key areas need to be focussed to achieve world class manufacturing. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is the single best metric for identifying the losses and improve the productivity of the manufacturing equipment. OEE is a performance metric compiled from da
Jun, 2018

Advanced concepts of GD&T

26 to 27 Jun, 2018, Chinchwad
The Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing systems have been getting evolved over the last 20 plus years continuously. Globalization in various streams of engineering has been instrumental in defining the details and implementation . ASME has revised and improvised the definitions in the last release of year 2009 with examples in which almost all the readers find their own parallels.
Jun, 2018

Electrical & Electronics Design for Machineries- June 2018

25 Jun to 24 Jul, 2018, BIEC, Bangalore
This course is structured for electrical & electronics engineers on design aspects of CNC Machines and industrial machines. Introduction to Fundamentals of electrical Design, Introduction to CNC machines, electrical switchgear elements, electrical wiring, Design concepts, PLC programming, circuit diagram, selection of electrical switch gears and more focused on machine electrical design. A complete design of CNC machine and PLC controlled machine will be carried out.
Jun, 2018

Towards Zero Defects in Welding Applications

21 to 22 Jun, 2018, 12/5, D-1 Block, MIDC,Chinchwad
Industry 4.0 is the current trend in manufacturing world over. Welding, being an essential and important part of any sector of economy, it is also getting ‘intelligentised’ by Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelegence, Additive manufacturing, Cobots etc. Welding fraternity, therefore, is also addressing the needs and implication of Welding 4.0 environment in the immediate future, in which nothing is certain.
Jun, 2018

ASME Training on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing in Design thru Manufacturing (for GDTP-Technologist Level)

20 to 22 Jun, 2018, BIEC, 10th Mile Tumkur Road, Madavara Post
This training program will focus on understanding the system of GD&T and the methods of applying it in real time design by using case studies, examples and exercises
Jun, 2018

Advanced Technologies in Sheet Forming

19 to 20 Jun, 2018, Chinchwad
The multiple facets of modern sheet metal forming techniques are applied throughout a wide spectrum of manufactured products, ranging from following sectors : aerospace, defence automotive, medical implants down to enclosures, impellers, fans, reflectors, stampings for electrical engineering and clutch plates to mass manufacturing of drums and tin cans for packaging industry.
Jun, 2018

Hands-on training in Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs)

18 to 22 Jun, 2018, 10th Mile,Tumkur Road,Madavara Post, Bangalore 562123
In the modern manufacturing environment, process control and quality assurance depend increasingly on the performance of Co-ordinate measuring machines. Today CMMs have replaced traditional methods of inspection with gages and fixtures thus reducing the time and manpower required in quality control operations. There is enormous demand for Trained / Skilled engineers for successful & meaningful handling inspection challenges. This can be achieved only if the CMM engineer possesses adequate engineering knowledge, Inspection skills and has a logical and analytical approach to fulfill the task.
Jun, 2018

Design of Fixture – Specialization (28 to 23 June 2018)

18 to 23 Jun, 2018, BIEC, Bangalore
The course is structured with introduction to Fixture Design basics to final design. Design of fixture is key to effective utilization of machine tools. Basics of fixture design if not implemented correctly results in poor productivity & quality problems. Set-up time and cycle time reduction, increased accuracy on components, deskilling the job setting operation are the obvious advantages of a good fixture. Competence in right fixture differentiates excellent organizations.
Jun, 2018

Design for Manufacturing & Assembly

13 to 14 Jun, 2018, IMTMA, 249F, Udyog Vihar Phase - IV, Sector - 18, Gurgaon, Haryana
With ever shrinking time available for developing new products and bringing them to global markets, manufacturing enterprises have been forced to continuously adopt new methods to survive. One approach is to use Design for Manufacturing/Assembly (DFM/DFA) methods where products are systematically designed and evaluated to minimize set-ups during production operations, component counts and overall product complexity.
Jun, 2018

Practical approach to Gears and Gear Design - Spur andHelical Gears

12 to 13 Jun, 2018, 12/5, D-1 Block, MIDC,Chinchwad
Study of Gears, Gear terminology, correction, Quality, Strength calculations, Errors & its Measurement is a fairly complex data. Proper understanding about all these topics and selecting gears with required quality to the required application gives better productivity, long life and noise less drive for the industries.
Jun, 2018


11 to 15 Jun, 2018, BIEC Bangalore
Programme is focused on developing the basic design skill sets for design engineers to enhance their efficiency and productivity. The programme will focus on design fundamentals which are most important for any design engineers working in any Industrial sector. Systematic and quantitative design engineers plays a very vital role in product design. It will be highly interactive training session and covers entire 360° view on Basic machine design aspects.
Jun, 2018

Robots Operation and Programming

11 to 15 Jun, 2018, Bangalore
Robots have been proven to deliver a host of benefits in a wide variety of industrial applications including Material handling/Assembly, Arc / Spot welding, Painting, Deburring, Plasma cutting etc. Industries introducing robots to their production processes have typically seen a significant transformation in their productivity and efficiency, with higher levels of output and consistent product quality. Yet another advantage with Robots is the flexibility in automation as they can be re programmed, whenever new products are launched.
Jun, 2018


11 Jun to 9 Jul, 2018, 12/5,D1 block MIDC Chinchwad
While the focus of curriculum of Engineering Education has been to create a very broad theoretical base on which one can build on professional competence as per specific career requirements; bulk of the Industry competency requirement hinges around practical aspects of Engineering Drawing Reading, Fits &Tolerances , CAD/CAM, Process writing, Material and Cutter selection, CNC Machining, Metrology and Managing of Production Shop.
Jun, 2018

CE Marking - Compliance requirements

8 to 8 Jun, 2018, Chinchwad
The current emphasis of 'Make in India " and thrust being on exports, it is imperative that the industries develop their skills and knowledge levels to succeed. One of the concern areas is the compliance and legal requirements of the importer, which is often neglected in the beginning by the stake holders resulting in time delay, loss, etc., To sell a product in Global market one needs to understand and comply to the relevant standards and directives right from the design stage to avoid any non-compliances and delays. The manufacturer should also know the options available for conformity assessment. Cases of Manufacturers jumping into the export bandwagon and then burning their fingers
Jun, 2018

IDR Approach to trouble shoot Component Defects in a Press Shop

7 to 8 Jun, 2018, 10th Mile,Tumkur Road,Madavara Post, Bangalore 562123
In a Press Shop, production runs are carried out for stamping a number of sheet metal components. Each component requires a number of Dies running on multiple presses. For each run, Die setups are changed and various parameters are set. Although the Dies are proven and productionised, there are some variables which differ from batch to batch, which results in the first few components not reaching the required quality requirements. Press Shop Personnel have to fine tune some settings to get the desired results. This is sometimes tricky and valuable time and material gets wasted. In some cases, Dies suffer damage due to manual errors and repairs have to be carried out on a war footing. This ca
Jun, 2018

Hands-on training in Programming and Operation of CNC Machining Centres

4 to 8 Jun, 2018, BIEC, 10th Mile Tumkur Road, Madavara Post
CNC machines have become the order of the day in every manufacturing industry. These applications are wide spread in mass production units, batch production as well as in tool room industries. Thorough understanding of Programming and Operation of the CNC machines is a must in order to realize the maximum output.
Jun, 2018

Hands-on training in Programming and Operation of CNC Machining Centres

4 to 8 Jun, 2018, 12/5, D1 Block, MIDC Chinchwad
May, 2018

Maintenance & Trouble Shooting of Hydraulics & Pneumatic Systems

29 to 31 May, 2018, 10th Mile,Tumkur Road,Madavara Post, Bangalore 562123
Hydraulics systems form the basic methods of powering the industrial machinery. They form an integral part of any mechanical system and find a variety of applications in the manufacturing industry – right from simple ones to sophisticated CNC machine tools. Today, the advent of Electro hydraulics opened up new fields of application with more challenging tasks in process control. Proper knowledge about the Hydraulics & Hydraulics circuits is a must for maintenance engineers in order to ensure smooth operation of the systems as well as to undertake trouble shooting activities.
May, 2018

Design of Gearbox

28 May to 2 Jun, 2018, BIEC, Bangalore
This course is structured with an introduction to elements of Gear box and more focused towards Industrial applications. Introduction to types of gears, gear profiles, gear calculations, gear standards being a part of the curriculum. Introduction to design input for gearbox design, conceptualization gear layout, sizing of gears and shafts, calculations on gears, bearing selection, seals, keys and standard parts used in gear box.
May, 2018

Foundation Course in Sheet Metal Manufacturing

28 May to 9 Jun, 2018, 12/5,D1 block MIDC Chinchwad
Sheet Metal Manufacturing is extensively employed in Automotive & Auto Components, Aerospace, Construction Equipment, Construction Materials, General Engineering Industry, Furniture, Consumer Durables, Electrical- Electronics, Appliances.
May, 2018

Fundamentals of Cold Forging & Its Applications

24 to 25 May, 2018, 12/5, D-1 Block, MIDC,Chinchwad
In today’s manufacturing scenario, where shortage of raw materials, power & increasing pressure to reduce costs are the order of the day, ‘Cold Forging’ is possibly the most suitable solution for these pressing issues. Cold forging technology utilizes innovative design coupled with process sequencing to not only reduce costs by utilizing lesser raw material but also imparts greater strength to the component, in addition to increased productivity. The primary advantage is the material savings achieved through precision shapes that require little finishing. Completely contained impressions and extrusion-type metal flow yield draftless, close-tolerance components. Production rates are ve
May, 2018

Automation Project Implementation - Key Driver to Smart Manufacturing

23 to 24 May, 2018, IMTMA, 249F, Udyog Vihar Phase - IV, Sector - 18, Gurgaon, Haryana
Smart Manufacturing is envisioned as the future of manufacturing. Today, manufacturing is becoming highly automated and IT-enabled or simply put, "Smart". While automation is fairly well established in manufacturing, by linking it with intelligent devices and a strong IT backbone, manufacturing systems are moving towards autonomous systems. Therefore, automation is the first step towards implementing smart manufacturing.
May, 2018

Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis

23 to 25 May, 2018, BIEC, 10th Mile Tumkur Road, Madavara Post
Manufacturing process, productivity and cost are often determined by component tolerances. If components are incorrectly toleranced, it leads to assembly problems. Too tight a tolerance leads to higher cost. Designers are expected to tolerance components optimally. Dimensional variations in production parts accumulate or stack up statistically and propagate through an assembly kinematically, causing critical features of the finished product to vary. Such variations can cause costly problems, requiring extensive rework or scrapped parts. One of the effective tools for managing variations is Tolerance Analysis.
May, 2018

Hands-on training in PLC Programming and Networking

23 to 25 May, 2018, 10th Mile,Tumkur Road,Madavara Post, Bangalore 562123
Programmable Logic controller (PLC) represents a key driver in automation, production & process planning in the manufacturing industry. Many industries of today, including packaging, pharmaceuticals, refineries, mines, machine shops, power plants and food industries use PLC systems for automation of their machinery to produce more, consistently, quickly and efficiently.

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