Programme Background

The biggest challenge Indian educational system faces today, is employability. One of the major reasons why engineers, even from reputed institutes, are not easily employed is because they lack hands-on skill. CNC machines have become the order of the day in most manufacturing industries. There is a need for systematic training with the blend of theory & hands-on practice including CNC programming, CAD/CAM etc. University trained engineers lack the “feel†of how things are made and how they fit together. They lack shop floor experience hindering their ability to effectively use CNC machines.

Focus Areas
  1. Review of machining operations, engineering drawing and metrology
  2. Programming & Operation of CNC Turning centre
  3. Programming & Operation of CNC Machining centre
  4. Process Planning for CNC Machined Parts
  5. Selection and Optimisation of parameters for productivity improvement
  6. Measurement & Quality Control
  7. Soft skills development
  8. Project work and test

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