Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis - IMTMA/D006

Programme Background

Manufacturing process, productivity and cost are often determined by component tolerances. If components are incorrectly toleranced, it leads to assembly problems. Too tight a tolerance leads to higher cost. Designers are expected to tolerance components optimally.

Dimensional variations in production parts accumulate or stack up statistically and propagate through an assembly kinematically, causing critical features of the finished product to vary. Such variations can cause costly problems, requiring extensive rework or scrapped parts. One of the effective tools for managing variations is Tolerance Analysis. Tolerance Analysis is a quantitative tool for predicting the accumulation of variation in an assembly by performing a stack-up analysis, reduces manufacturing costs by improving producibility and also enables design engineers to determine, how robust a design is at the drawing phase.

This programme will cover both worst case tolerancing as well as statistical methods.

Focus Areas
  • Prerequisites and Introduction to Tolerance Stack Up Analysis
  • Worst case analysis and statistical methods of analysis
  • Part Stacks Using Coordinate Dimensions
  • Assembly Stacks Using Co-ordinate Dimensions
  • Part Tolerance Stacks Using Run Out
  • Assembly Stacks Using Run Out
  • Part and Assembly Stacks Using Profile
  • Part Stacks Using Positional Tolerance(RFS & MMC)
  • Part Stacks Positional Tolerance Using Bonus & Datum shift

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