Fundamentals of Injection mould design - IMTMA/D015

Programme Background

Modern life is unthinkable without plastics. We are said to live in an era of plastics after 1974, as the world consumption of plastics had exceeded that of steel in that year by volume! (not by weight) & the trend is ever continuing. Out of the various molding techniques, Injection Molding is the most widely used for large scale production of high quality engineering components. Therefore, Injection Mold Design assumes great importance in realizing defect-free parts of various plastic materials in required volumes.

Focus Areas
  1. Overview of plastic materials, Injection Moulding Process & Machine
  2. Fundamentals of Injection Mould Design
  3. Standard Mould Selection
  4. Materials of Mould Construction
  5. Design of Parting Surface and Feed System,
  6. Design of Core Cavity Inserts
  7. Consideration of Shrinkage and Draft
  8. Design of Ejection and Cooling Systems
  9. Types of Moulds
  10. Defects & Remedies in Injection Moulded Components
  11. Latest Advances in Injection Moulding

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