PLC Technology in Industrial Automation - IMTMA/A003

Programme Background

Programmable Logic controller (PLC) is an Electronic device used for automating electromechanical processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines. PLC is called "The Work Horse" and represents a key driver in automation, production & process planning in the manufacturing industry. Today PLC has become a very widely used and accepted tool in Industrial Automation in various kinds of Machines, Processes, Shop floor Practices, and Utilities etc. To get the best results out of this technology, in the areas of Automation, Productivity Improvement, On Line Inspection, Easy Batch Changeovers, Centralized Control, Automatic MIS Generation, Energy Saving etc., the Power of this technology needs to be more clearly understood by key level decision makers from various functions like Design / Production / QC / Process Planning / Maintenance etc.

Focus Areas

• PLC -Basic Concepts

• Common Hardware Types - Digital and Analog elements

• Communication

• Types of PLCs and HMI

• Evaluation of "Power" of PLC

• Overview of Programming Techniques

• Overview of Sensors and Peripherals

• Major Features / Usage of PLC

• Networking

• "Configuring" a PLC for a given application

• Application Areas with Examples

• Comparison with other types of Controllers

• Limitations of PLC Control

• Documentation and Preparedness

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