Programme Background
A safe and healthful environment is vital to the attainment of the industry's productivity and no undertaking should be considered so important that it be pursued in an unsafe manner. The industry recognizes that safety is an essential component of all its activities which shall be managed in such a manner as to avoid, reduce or control all foreseeable risks to health and safety. It is the responsibility of all persons using the workplace facilities to conduct their work in such a manner as to avoid placing themselves or others in danger, and to report unsafe conditions to an appropriate factory official so that hazards may be made less severe in a timely manner. Safeguarding the wellbeing of employees and visitors to the industry is a shared commitment of all the employees working in the industry.
Focus Areas

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Our Initiatives

Productivity Institute

The need for Productivity Institute

  • Is your work place suffering from poor productivity?
  • Do you feel that supervision is weak on the shop floor?
  • Do your shop floor personnel find it difficult to achieve targets?
  • You have the machine in place, but not the men to optimize usage?

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Finishing School

Realizing the need to enhance the skill sets of fresh engineers in mechanical engineering to make "Industry Employable" and to mould them as per the company requirements, IMTMA organizes

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Design Institute

The rapid growth of Indian machine tool Industry and the increasing sophistication of machine tool has created the need for a new breed of machine tool technologists.

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