Servo Technology for Industrial Motion Control - IMTMA/A004

Programme Background

Servo Technology has been conventionally a Part of CNC Machines. But with development of General Purpose Servos, now this technology is spreading very rapidly and widely in various applications of Motion Control in many kinds of Industrial Machinery. It is set to overtake all other kinds of conventional Motion Control System, in years to come. With Servo as Motion Control tool, newer application possibilities are evolving in Motion Control and Overall Industrial Automation. Today Machines /Equipments are becoming much more Flexible / Programmable due to use of Servo Technology and also able to give much higher level of Intelligent Motion Control.

Focus Areas

• Requirements in Industrial Motion Control

• Review of Motion Basics

• Mechatronics - Items / Concepts in Motion Control

• Conventional Methods of Motion Control

• Concept of Servo (Closed Loop) Control

• Servo System Components - Motor / Amplifier / Encoder

• Modes of Operation - Position Control / Speed Control / Torque Control

• Command signaling Methods

• Operational / Usage Features

• Servo System Specifications & Evaluation

• Servo System Selection - Based on Function

• Servo System Selection – Based on Capacity

• Capacity Selection - Actual Examples

• Servo Parameters - Concepts & Setting

• Motion Monitoring

• Tuning and Response

• Overview of Motion Controllers

• Application Examples

• Peripheral Items

• Clearing of Misconceptions

• Comparison between various kinds of Motion Control Systems

• Latest Developments / Connected Technologies

• Documentation & Implementation Preparedness

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