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IMTMA Productivity Institute is equipped with state of the art training facilities including production CNC machines, metrology equipment including CMM, CAD/CAM systems, latest cutting tools, work holding accessories, robots and other industrial automation accessories. Hands-on training is imparted in a wide variety of subjects resulting in Productivity and Quality improvement in manufacturing industries.

State of the Art Training Facilities

Hands on training / Real time practical demonstration using machines and equipment

Training by Subject Matter Experts with more than three decades of experience

Live Demonstrations, Group Exercises, Presentations and Industry Visits

Discussions on Industry Case Studies and Practical Examples

Interactive Sessions

CNC Vertical Machining Centre - BFW

Interchangeable Quick Clamping systems - Jergens, Alukeep, Sarda

CNC Turning Centre - Jyoti

Shrink fit system/ Holders - Bliz

CNC Lathe Simple Turn - Ace Designers

Digital Height gauge - Electronica

CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machines - Hexagon Metrology

TPM trak system for productivity monitoring - AMIT

6 axis Welding and Machine Tending Robot with 2D vision system - FANUC

5 axis material handling robot - TAL Manufacturing Solutions

CAD/CAM Softwares - Cadem, Mastercam

Cutting tools and holders - Taegutec, Komet

Cutting fluid and accessories - Blaser

PC based CNC Programming & Simulation Kits - FANUC and Siemens

Hydraulic, Pneumatic Training Kits - Bosch Rexroth

Digital/ Air Gauges/ Measuring Instruments - Baker

Tool Management System Including Non-contact type tool pre setter - Zoller

PLC, Servo and VFD Training kits - Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens

Touch probe for tool setup & work set up - Blum, Renishaw

Vision Inspection System - Customized Technologies

Interchangeable clamping system and Hydraulic holders - Schunk


February, 2019

Reliability Engineering - Concept, Calculation, Techniques and Tools

20 to 22 February, 2019,
Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) are becoming very important aspects for the Product and Process Industries worldwide. The customers are well informed about the RAM’s requirements, and demanding certain target values for these probabilities. Considering the fact, that the Reliability Predictions are useful for the companies in the project bid stage itself to have a clear understanding of the design parameters and the goal setting gaps.
February, 2019

Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgist

21 to 22 February, 2019,
Metallurgy is a branch of material science that focus on the physical and chemical behaviour of metallic elements and its alloys. Knowledge of metallurgy is very important for any design and production engineers. Design of any part generally based on Strength, which comes from alloy composition and metallurgical structure. It is not just enough if design engineer select right alloy but also have to specify metallurgical requirements to achieve required properties. Production engineers have to understand the metallurgical requirements and develop process to achieve that. Hence awareness of metallurgy play an important role in today’s engineering world.
February, 2019

Noise ,Vibration and Harshness (NVH) consideration in Design and Maintenance

25 to 26 February, 2019,
Vibration is one of the most pervasive problems in engineering industry. Time dependent motion related to vibrations is not only a cause for fatigue failures but also lead to undesirable deflection of structures. The latter is of high concern for many machine tools as it directly affects the quality of the output of the machine. In addition, in many situations, excessive vibrations also lead to noise problem in work area. Hence, a good understanding of the phenomenon – its characteristics and means of its control, is essential.
February, 2019

Effective Maintenance towards Zero down time-Electrical Aspects of CNC Machines

26 to 27 February, 2019,
CNC machines are real Mechatronic systems, having electrical and electronic circuits interacting with mechanical actuators / sub systems. Diagnostics and root cause analysis is an important aspect of maintenance, which is most often ignored. Often the roots of a mechanical problem is in the electronics area and that of an electronic problem lies elsewhere. Thorough understanding of the CNC machine circuit diagram, Ladder diagram and CNC parameters is needed to find and fix the root cause to minimize MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and effective planning of PMBF(Preventive Maintenance Before Failure) towards zero down time. Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMT
February, 2019

Forging Technology - Processes, DFM, Quality and Cost considerations

26 to 27 February, 2019,
Forging is in a transition from black smithy to modern technology led manufacturing. Forging finds its use in various industries and has several applications using different metals and alloys. Forging cannot be substituted due to its strength properties. Since Forging is energy and cost intensive process it is important to understand the basics and modern methods to make forging a very competitive technology.
February, 2019

Manufacturing Automation using Robots

28 February to 1 March, 2019,
Robots have been proven to deliver a host of benefits in a wide variety of manufacturing applications. Industries introducing robots to their production processes have typically seen a significant transformation in their productivity and efficiency, with higher levels of output, product quality and flexibility amongst the many other improvements. Though the robotic revolution in India is driven by the automotive industry, other applications like – machine tending, foundry, medical components processing, etc., are also growing.
February, 2019

Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan

28 February to 1 March, 2019,
New Product Development assumes lot of significance and has become very much essential for sustaining business growth of industries. However often many costly mistakes and time delay happen in new development of Products / Parts as well as processes. APQP mitigates such risks by following a systematic approach right from the beginning. All OEMs now mandate use of APQP as this system helps in development of product / process faster, well in time and within budget.
March, 2019

Hands-on training in Operation of Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)

4 to 8 March, 2019,
In the modern manufacturing environment, process control and quality assurance depend increasingly on the performance of Co-ordinate measuring machines. Today CMMs have replaced traditional methods of inspection with gages and fixtures thus reducing the time and manpower required in quality control operations. However, thorough understanding of concepts, measuring uncertainty, GD&T, right probing method are very crucial for getting reliable results from any CMM. Rapid growth of CMM population all over India has subsequently generated enormous demand of Trained / Skilled engineers for successful & meaningful handling inspection challenges. This can be achieved only if the CMM engineer posses
March, 2019

Finite Element Methods (FEM) for Structural Design-How and Why?

5 to 6 March, 2019,
Increasing focus on reduction of cost, weight and development time of structures with improved performance of structures necessitates use of computer-aided design and analysis tools. Finite Element Analysis is a methodology that helps engineers in this area. In this methodology, a mathematical model of physical behaviour of a phenomenon is created and is packaged in a software, leaving only the job of creating the geometric model and initial/boundary conditions for the phenomenon to the user. This activity, unless done with proper understanding of how the input data is used to create mathematical model, can lead to totally incorrect results. For effective use of the software, users’ un
March, 2019

Cost of Quality & How to reduce COPQ

7 to 8 March, 2019,
In the present competitive scenario, Cost & Quality goes hand in hand for sustainable profitable growth in the business. Understanding the concept of Cost of Quality is important at all levels & functions to focus on non value added activities/elements which directly impacts the profitability to the organization. Increased customer satisfaction, productivity, market share & high employee morale are added benefits. The cost of poor quality (COPQ) can be well addressed through a very popular tool like Six Sigma. The DMAIC methodology used worldwide helps in addressing such issues. Hence basics of Cost of Quality & Six Sigma which are complementary to each other needs to be understood at op
March, 2019

Sheet Metal Forming - Primer Course

8 to 9 March, 2019,
Metal forming technology, over the last few decades has gradually revolutionised and redefined concepts of manufacturing quality products at lower cost, both in high and low volumes, leading to greater flexibility in manufacturing of finished goods. Recent processes have stretched the technology frontier to greater lengths, providing a competitive edge to corporations in the business of manufacturing.
March, 2019

Defects Analysis and Trouble Shooting of Injection Moulded Components

12 to 13 March, 2019,
We are said to be living in an era of Plastics since 1974, as the world consumption of plastics from that year onward exceeded that of steel by volume! From household appliances to airplanes, from tooth brushes to telephones, from Computers to cars, everything seems to be made out of plastics these days. The reasons are not far to seek. Injection molded plastic parts offer unbeatable combination of Light Weight Construction, Flexibility, Toughness, Chemical Resistance, Long-term Performance and Cost Effectiveness.
March, 2019

Basics of Robot Operation and Programming

13 to 15 March, 2019,
Robots have been proven to deliver a host of benefits in a wide variety of industrial applications including Material handling/Assembly, Arc / Spot welding, Painting, Deburring, Plasma cutting etc. Industries introducing robots to their production processes have typically seen a significant transformation in their productivity and efficiency, with higher levels of output and consistent product quality. Yet another advantage with Robots is the flexibility in automation as they can be re programmed, whenever new products are launched.
March, 2019

Calibration of CNC Metal-cutting Machine Tools

14 March, 2019,
Machine Tool Calibration is rapidly becoming an essential part of the manufacturing process with customers demanding higher accuracy from machine tools for handling precision parts with tighter tolerances. The ability of a machine tool to perform at its optimum level is largely based on the geometrical and positioning accuracies of the machine slides and guide ways. Machine tools are subject to positioning errors which might increase over a period of time due to natural wear and tear or failing parts or worn out moving parts.
March, 2019

Automated Productivity Measurement

15 March, 2019,
Industry 4.0 envisages the integration of the cyber world and physical systems. Automation of information is one key element that will result in quick and accurate decision making. Production and productivity measurement on the shop floor has been done traditionally through log books, excel worksheets and reflects data as a historical record. In today’s VUCA world immediate analysis and decisions need to be made based on real time data. This requires an automated productivity monitoring and control system as companies move towards Industry 4.0. This workshop discusses the principles behind productivity measurement through OEE. Further participants will learn first-hand how this is car
April, 2019

Certified Machine Tool Sales & Marketing Professional

24 April to 1 May, 2019,
Indian Machine tool industry greatly requires systematically trained sales & marketing engineers who are able to effectively differentiate the products' strengths across to the customer and win more business. A good marketing team represents the face of the company as it needs to project the brand, its key strengths, products and services in order to convince the customers. Specifically in case of machine tools and accessories being capital equipment, effective marketing assumes far greater significance.

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