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Foundation Course in Industrial Automation including Robotic Application

Industrial Automation has become an integral part of all modern manufacturing processes and is constantly upgraded keeping up with the latest technological developments to ensure increased productivity with improved product quality. Increased use of automation also means a requirement of engineers with adequate training in all aspects of industrial Automation and best manufacturing practices is highly crucial.

Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing an exclusive 5 weeks Hands-on training program "Foundation Course in Industrial Automation including Robotic Application" at IMTMA Technology Centre, BIEC Bangalore for engineering graduates who want to make their career in ever-evolving Industrial Automation and also to enhance their employability.

This practical oriented Hands-on training program will cover the working principle and application of industrial automation elements & is ideal for Fresh Engineering Graduates / Diploma holders / Engineering students (6-8 semester) from Mechatronics, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, and allied disciplines.


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Course Content

Key Take Aways

Basics of electrical and electronic circuits

Design and execute automation projects involving hydraulics, pneumatics, sensors controlled through PLC.

Selection and application of various Hydraulic and Pneumatic components

Learn PLC Hardware, PLC Programming, and Interfacing Industrial Automation elements

Sensors – types and applications; Integration with other elements

Understand about selection and usage of different automation elements viz. Hydraulic and Pneumatic, PLCs, Sensors, Servo and VFD for Industrial applications

Basics of PLC Hardware/ Software and PLC Programming

Have an overview of Industry 4.0 implementation in manufacturing

Hands-on practice in Design and implementing Hydraulic and Pneumatic circuits with PLC Control and sensors


Simulation of Electrical and Electro-Pneumatic applications using Fluid SIM Software


HMI application and HMI programming


Hands-on practice for Interfacing of HMI to control Automation elements


Types of Motors for industrial applications; Motor controls


Motor speed control using Variable Frequency Drive


Hands-on practice in using Industrial Motors, Motor controls, Variable Frequency Drives


Servo Motors and Servo Drives – Applications for Motion control


Hands-on practice in using Servo control, Servo Drives for single axis and multiple axes motion control


Introduction to Programming and Operation of Robots


Introduction to Industry 4.0 with multiple Festo Modular Production System Units.


Simulation of automation circuit through CIROS software



  • Classroom sessions with industry professionals
  • Practical use of Hydraulic & pneumatic elements as per illustration circuits
  • Programming Practice on PLC - Ladder logic / Relay logic / I/O interface
  • Application of Industrial sensors as per illustration circuits
  • Hands-on Practice in Motor controls, Variable Frequency Drives, etc.
  • Programming and interfacing HMI / GOT
  • Hands-on Practice in interfacing Servo motor/servo drive / Motion control
  • Hands-on practicals in Industrial automation - sample projects / Design - Program – Interface
  • Industry visits
  • Assessment and certification
  • PLC Programming & simulation training kits
  • PLC  software & Hardware
  • HMI  & Graphic Operation Terminal (GOT)
  • Hydraulic elements & Hydraulic training kit
  • Pneumatic elements & Pneumatic training kit
  • Motor controlled Variable frequency drive training kit
  • Motion control Servo motor/ servo drive training kit
  • The industrial sensors training kit
  • 5 axis and 6 axis Robots for welding and machine tending applications
  • Modular Production Systems with Industry 4.0 features
  • CNC Machines and other accessories
  • CAD/CAM/CAE for Design thro Manufacturing

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