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Metal casting Technology-Processes,DFM,Quality and Cost considerations

Date : 8 to 9 August, 2019

@ BIEC, 10th Mile, Tumkur Road, Madavara Post, Bangalore

Last date for registration 01 August 2019

Early Bird Offer : Avail 10% concession by registering and paying online on or before 24 July 2019


Several different methods such as casting, powder metallurgy, forging and machining are available to shape metals into useful products. One of the oldest process is metal casting which basically involves pouring molten metal into a mould cavity, where upon solidification it takes the shape of the cavity. Beauty of this process is, any complicated shape in any metal can be casted.

Knowledge of metal casting is very important to design engineers and casting buyers. Design engineers have to decide on the type of casting process to be adopted to manufacture the part and also to incorporate DFM requirements of casting without compromising his design intent. Buyers have to identify right foundry and negotiate with them to get competitive price. Under these circumstance, knowledge of casting processes, capability and limitations of processes, cost estimation and casting inspection will come handy.

Keeping this is view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing a 2 day programme on Metal casting technology- Processes, DFM, Quality and Cost considerationson on 08 - 09 July 2019 at Bangalore.

Focus Areas

  • Important casting processes
    • Sand casting
    • Shell moulded casting
    • Investment casting
    • GDC
    • HPDC
    • Centrifugal casting
    • Squeeze casting
  • Capabilities and limitations of all casting processes
  • DFM considerations for castings
  • Casting defects and remedies
  • Casting cost estimation
  • Importance of casting simulation
  • Visit to a mechanised Foundry for Demo *
    * Note : Factory visit of participants for Demo will be subject to the approval of the hosting industry.

Key Take Aways

After undergoing the programme, the participants will be able to -

  • Understand various casting processes
  • Incorporate DFM requirements of casting in part design
  • Carry out casting cost estimation
  • Understand importance of casting simulation in NPD
  • Understand casting defects and its remedies

Participation Fee

Rs. 8500/-

IMTMA Members / Micro Companies

Rs. 9500/-

IMTMA Non Members/ Others

+18% GST

Group Concession : 5% for 3 to 5 and 10% for 6 and more delegates being nominated from the same company

Early Bird Offer : Avail 10% concession by registering and paying online on or before 24 July 2019

Special concession available for Faculty & Students from engineering colleges

(subject to availability of seats)

Participant Profile

This programme will benefit Managers, Engineers from OEMs, Purchase, R&D, NPD etc., Foundry engineers and supervisors, Automobiles and Auto ancillaries, Pump manufacturers, Aerospace ancillaries, Defence & Railway Establishment (PSUs / OFBs), General Engineering, Engineering Service providers, Faculty and Students from engineering colleges.


This program will be conducted by Mr. Ganapathi K N,

Mr. Ganapathi K N, is presently working as Director Training at IMTMA, having 16 years of industrial and 14 years of academic experience. He is a mechanical engineer with post graduate in metal casting science and engineering. Prior to IMTMA, Ganapathi has worked at various capacity in manufacturing companies. He has thorough knowledge of Materials, Metallurgy, Metal casting and heat treatment processes. He has carried out many specialised programmes on metal casting technologies, Metallurgy and heat treatment for industries. He has also taught these topics to post graduate engineering students. At IMTMA his role is to develop and introduce new programmes for enhancing competitiveness of Industries.

For Registration Contact

Himachal Bhowmik

Programme Co-ordinator

Telephone :   080 66246902
Mobile :   9740092629
Email :

REGISTRATION : Prior registration for participation is necessary. Number of participants is limited and will be accepted on ‘First Come First Serve’ basis. A Certificate of participation will be issued to participants.

Important Information : Participation fee includes, course material, working lunch and tea / coffee. Interested companies are requested to register online by clicking on 'REGISTER' button and by filling up the nomination authority and participant's details in specified form.

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