IMTMA Training Centre

Finishing of Edges-Burr Management

Date : 19 to 20 July, 2019

@ 12/5, D1 Block, MIDC Chinchwad, Pune


As long as there has been metal cutting, there have been burrs—an unwanted side effect of the process. Barring a revolutionary change, burr formation will always be a problem. With a few exceptions, conventional machining techniques always produce burrs. Burr prevention requires both conventional and nonconventional approaches. However, even when burrs are not produced, sharp edges left at the end of the machining process generally are not acceptable and require edge treatment. Burr removal represent unnecessary cost to the industry in various forms such as additional manufacturing, compensation, service, recall, and spoiling of the company image. Therefore, in most cases, it is a must either to remove or to secure the burr in order to prevent it from being detached from the part.
Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising a 2 day programme on Finishing of Edges (Burr Management) on 19-20 July 2019 at Pune. This program will give a clear knowledge to participants on Burr definition, burr geometry, Burr formation mechanisms, Burr types and standards for burrs & edges. Various methods on burr less operations, Burr prevention and Burr minimization technique will be discussed.

Focus Areas

  • Definition for Burr
  • Burr geometry
  • Burr's in machining
  • Availability of standards for burr & edges
  • Burr prevention
  • Burr minimization
  • Design for edge quality
  • Burr minimization for sheet metal parts
  • Use of better cutting tools
  • Practical demonstration on burr generation, prevention and minimization on CNC operations
  • Deburring process enhancement
  • case studies for deburring
  • Automation of deburring using robots
  • Non traditional deburring processes with case studies
  • Thermal Energy Machining
  • Electro Chemical Machining
  • Financial impact on getting rid of burrs
  • Live Demo of innovative deburring tools in CNC VMC

Key Take Aways

After undergoing the programme, the participants will be able to -

1. Define the burr and edge quality in the process and able to understand how it affects fit, function and safe use of product.
2. Plan & implement burr-less operations or minimise burr in manufacturing.
3. Gain knowledge on various conventional and non conventional methods for burr prevention and burr removal.
4. Get awareness on various equipments and processes practiced in manufacturing industry and their availability in the market.
5. Cost benefits and manpower reduction due to burr prevention activities.

Participation Fee

Rs. 8500/-

IMTMA Members / Micro Companies

Rs. 9500/-

IMTMA Non Members/ Others

+18% GST

Group Concession : 5% for 3 to 5 and 10% for 6 and more delegates being nominated from the same company

Special concession available for Faculty & Students from engineering colleges

(subject to availability of seats)

Participant Profile

This programme will benefit Senior / Middle management members and Engineers from functions of R&D, Product Design, Process Planning,Production, Quality Assurance from Automobile & auto ancillaries, Machine Tools, Consumer Durables, Aerospace, Defence & Railway establishments, General Engineering industries. Continuous improvement leaders, TPM & Six sigma project leaders can derive benefits out of the programme.

The programme will be highly interactive where participants can solicit feedback on specific technical issues from the expert faculty.


This programme will be conducted by Faculty from IMTMA Technology centre and Industry experts from Motherson Techno Tools Ltd, EXTRUDE HONE & ABB Limited


For Registration Contact

Abhijeet Agawane

Programme Co-ordinator

Telephone :   7066 0305 31 /32
Mobile :   9730575154
Email :

REGISTRATION : Prior registration for participation is necessary. Number of participants is limited and will be accepted on ‘First Come First Serve’ basis. A Certificate of participation will be issued to participants.

Important Information : Participation fee includes, course material, working lunch and tea / coffee. Interested companies are requested to register online by clicking on 'REGISTER' button and by filling up the nomination authority and participant's details in specified form.

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