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Sheet Metal Dies - Tryout & Proving

Focus Areas

  • Preparatory activities to be done before Die Tryout.
  • Carrying out static and dynamic checks to confirm proper assembly and working of the Die
  • Steps in the tryout process which are critical from the Quality Perspective.
  • Different types of defects in components and methods of overcoming them.
  • Understand the different variables which contribute to defects.
  • Identifying the root cause of defects.
  • Importance and various methods of scrap shedding.
  • Practical demonstration of all the above points in a tool room manufacturing Dies and in a Press Shop


Die Tryout and Proving is one of the most important and critical step in the manufacture of Sheet Metal Dies. There are many variables which contribute to the successful completion of this activity. Tool Makers who are responsible for executing this step traditionally learn a lot from Trial and Error methods. After accumulating many years of experience in this activity, they finally begin to exert sufficient command over this domain.Nowadays use of simulation software’s have considerably reduced the time taken for this activity. However this activity has to be necessarily fine tuned and the final component produced on the Press.

The Component Design, the Die Design, the Material Properties, the Die Manufacturing Process and the Press itself are some of the variables and all of them play a vital role. Understanding the impact of each of these variables and pin pointing the root cause to correct the component is quite a complex activity.

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