IMTMA Training Centre

Implementing Automation Projects in Manufacturing

Focus Areas

  • Concepts of Low Cost Automation & mechanisms
  • Selection of -
    • Pneumatic elements for Automation
    • Sensing Elements for Automation
    • PLC, VFD & Servo Controls for Automation
  • Robots
    • Pick & Place systems
  • Automation System Integration & Implementing
  • Discussion on case studies from industries
  • Group Exercises in Automation Project Implementation
  • Review of Group Exercises
  • Economic Justification of Automation
  • Factory visit for Demo / observation of low cost automation projects *

* Note : Confirmation awaited. Factory visit of participants will be subjected to the approval of the hosting industry.


For automation to be successful, several aspects such as selection of automation system, system integration and organizational environment needs careful consideration. The range of automation tools vary from simple, low-cost equipment to highly sophisticated and expensive systems. Appropriate level of automation reduces cost in manufacturing not only through increased productivity, but also improves quality through consistent and reliable production. The programme will focus on various elements of automation and the economic benefits derived through applying automation in the manufacturing process. Participants will get an overview of the application of automation and technical information for implementation in their organizations.

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