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Advanced concepts of GD&T

Focus Areas

  • Review of Definitions and basic symbols
  • Major revisions in the ASME Y14.5-2009 version
  • Modifier Symbols- MMC, LMC and RFS
  • Bonus Tolerance
  • Modifier Symbols- MMB, LMB and RMB
  • Datum shift
  • New modifier symbols added in the new version
  • Composite Tolerancing – Position
  • Multiple segment position tolerancing
  • Calculation of tolerances – Fixed fastener assy and Floating fastener assy
  • Composite Tolerancing - Profile
  • Interpretation of drawings with GD & T notations
  • Impact on Development & Gauge design
  • Group Discussions on typical myths in applying GD & T - Video clips for clarification
  • Interaction on specific drawings / designs from industries
  • Live demo of measuring GD&T parameters


The Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing systems have been getting evolved over the last 20 plus years continuously. Globalization in various streams of engineering has been instrumental in defining the details and implementation . ASME has revised and improvised the definitions in the last release of year 2009 with examples in which almost all the readers find their own parallels.  However, thorough understanding is a must across the design, manufacturing and quality personnel for implementing GD&T and realizing the true benefits in terms of interchangeability, reduced cost, reduced re work, simplified inspection & gauging etc. 

The program will be focusing on application and interpretation of GD&T interlaced with interesting real life examples which the participants from various industries will be able to identify with. Participants can seek solutions from the expert faculty for discussing and solving their specific issues in design / product development.

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