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Effective Maintenance towards Zero down time - Electrical & Electronic Aspects of CNC Machines

Focus Areas

  • Anatomy of CNC machines – Overview of various sub-systems of CNC Turning and Machining Centres.
  • Systematic approach to diagnostics and problem solving.
  • Circuit Diagram study – Electrical and electronic circuits
  • Circuit Diagram study – Hydraulic​, Lubrication​ and Pneumatic sub systems
  • Maintenance aspects in CNC controllers
  • Typical problems in Electrical and Electronic sub-systems; Safety aspects; Alarm messages, Alarm ​H​istory​ and Operations History​
  • Demo and Group exercises in ​electrical ​circuit diagram study
  • Demo of Do’s and Don’ts in CNC controllers
  • CNC memory data backup


CNC machines are real Mechatronic systems, having electrical and electronic circuits interacting with mechanical actuators / sub systems. Diagnostics and root cause analysis is an important aspect of maintenance, which is most often ignored. Often the roots of a mechanical problem is in the electronics area and that of an electronic problem lies elsewhere. Thorough understanding of the ​CNC machine ​circuit diagram​,  Ladder diagram​​ and CNC parameters is needed to find and fix the root caus​e to minimize MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and ​effective planning of PMBF(Preventive Maintenance Before Failure) towards zero down time.

The training will be based on hybrid approach with group exercises on circuit diagram study and practical demonstrations in CNC machines.

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