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Role of PLC, Servo & VFD in Industrial Automation

Focus Areas

  • Basics of PLC / VFD / Servo Technologies
  • Overview of hardware and software features
  • Machine Control through these Technologies
  • Selection of PLC, VFD and servo for industrial automation
  • Application Examples
  • Energy Saving (thro VFD Control)
  • Insight to Line / Plant Automation


PLC, VFD and Servos have already become the strong and essential tools in industry, for various kinds of Automation and Controls - PLC Technology as brain of overall Automation, VFD Technology as highly convenient way for Motor Speed Control and also for Energy Saving, Servo Technology for highly intelligent / complex / high speed Motion Control.

These three technologies are being used in various kinds of Industrial Machines, essentially as basic tools, for finally giving results in the fields of Automated Production and Highly Flexible Machines. Using these technologies will lead to increased productivity / quality through automated monitoring and control.

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