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Energy Conservation / Energy Saving in Manufacturing

Focus Areas

  • Energy Audit in manufacturing industries – Need and benefits, procedure with case studies
  • Energy Saving thro intelligent accessories -Hydraulic power packs, Pumps and Motors, servo and other electrical accessories
  • Better Practices of Plant Maintenance with live case studies
  • Energy cost reduction in manufacturing industry
  • Harvesting solar energy with industry case study
  • Potential savings thro Energy conservation in manufacturing
  • Live Demo of On line Energy Monitoring and control in CNC Machining
  • Factory visit for demo / study of Energy saving measures adopted**

**Note : Factory visit of participants will be subjected to the approval of the hosting industry.


Energy has re-emerged as an issue of national concern as India confronts the challenges of economic recovery, energy affordability, climate change and energy security. The demand for sustainability is growing stronger every day and manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce energy cost. In a manufacturing plant, Energy consumption is one of the major operational expenses and hence energy efficient operations provide a major opportunity for cost reduction. Modern machine tools are equipped with energy saving accessories including hydraulic systems, motors, pumps, etc.,

A stunning 57 percent of our energy ends up wasted. Investing in energy efficiency would be equivalent to tapping the fifth source of energy. Given the right choices and investments in the many cost-effective but underutilized energy efficiency technologies, a variety of studies (by ACEEE and others) suggest that India can cost-effectively reduce energy consumption by 25-30% or more over the course of next 20-25 years.

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