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Towards Zero Defects in Welding Applications

Focus Areas

  • A perspective on what is Zero Defects in Welding – Man. Machine, Method
  • Taking into account the needs of the materials for generic process of welding - the Science of Welding
  • Important Material Properties which directly interact with these Processes - they dictate the process
  • Overview of Welding Technology to logically comprehend given processes
  • Welding Arc as a Heating Source – know the Physics for correct application
  • Evolution of various Arc Welding Processes
  • Snap shot of various Arc Processes – SMAW, SAW, ESW, GTA, PLASMA
  • MIG/MAG_CO2 Process : Equipment, Power Sources, Controls, Productivity
  • Fitment issues in MIG / MAG, Defects, and Distortion in Arc Welding
  • The six Resistance Welding Processes : Commonalities & Basics
  • Resistance Spot, Seam and Sheet Projection Welding Process
  • Solid Projection, Upset Butt and Flash Butt Welding Processes
  • Friction and Friction Stir Welding
  • Laser Processing : Cutting, Heat Treating and Welding
  • Electron Beam, Ultrasonic, CD Stud and Arc Stud processes
  • Other solid state welding processes
  • Safety, Maintenance, Productivity in Welding


Today, Welding has acquired the status of a top class manufacturing process and is required by almost every sector of Industrial activity, everywhere in world. Means of transport - be it road, rail, air or water – all of them necessarily depend on welding technology for their manufacturing. The same goes for the consumer durable & white goods industry. The quality needs of various welded sheet metal and other components are vital for the producers to reach the A-class level of competence and consistency of the integrated final product.

The modern fast and automated manufacturing Technology required in these Mass-manufacturing industries, involves Welding processes such as Resistance Spot, Seam, Projection and Butt Welding, MIG/MAG Welding, FCAW, Laser Cutting & Welding, Friction Welding and Friction Stir Welding. In spite of the high end technology the quality inconsistency arising due to distortion and welding defects are still the major issues every welding Engineer faces.

This will help the practicing engineers in developing full technical understanding of the subject and solve manufacturing issues related to welding processes.

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