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CE Marking - Compliance requirements for export markets

Focus Areas

  • Basics of Product certification - ISO/IEC
  • National scenario
  • Selection criteria  to employ an agency
  • European Union  - Directives, CE compliance
  • Salient features of LVD, EMC   directives
  • RoHS and its compliance  : North America , Asia / Australia/ Africa
  • IEC schemes for global market


The current emphasis of 'Make in India " and thrust  being on exports, it is imperative that the industries develop their  skills and knowledge levels to succeed. One of the concern areas is the compliance and legal requirements of the importer, which is often neglected in the beginning by the stake holders resulting in time delay, loss, etc.,  To sell a product in Global market one needs to understand and comply to  the relevant standards and directives right from the design stage to avoid any non-compliances and delays. The manufacturer should also know  the options available for conformity assessment. Cases of Manufacturers jumping into the export bandwagon and then burning their fingers owing to lack of the above knowledge are surfacing very frequently these days.

This one day programme is aimed at providing an insight to the manufacturers of product and machinery intending to sell their products in the overseas markets. The EU and GCC today have harmonized the requirements for their internal markets and made it easy for the exporters. This programme  will provide a good level of understanding of the legal and general compliance requirements and the services locally available in this direction.

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