IMTMA Training Centre

Structured Innovation - TRIZ methodology

Focus Areas

  • Introduction to TRIZ
  • Problem Analytics:
    • Functional Modeling
    • Cause and Effect Chain Analysis
  • Innovation Strategies
    • Cost out strategy… Develop new concepts using Trimming
    • Performance improvement strategy… Function oriented search
  • Concepts of:
    • Ideality
    • Ideal Final Result
    • 9 windows
    • Resources
  • Solve Inventive problems
    • Technical contradictions
    • Physical contradictions
    • Case studies on reducing product cycle time from centuries to years
  • Introduction to TRIZ level 2


A proven way of differentiating a product or a process is by patenting the concept/solution. There are few methods that can help in this pursuit… a proven systematic approach and many unstructured approaches (person dependent).

TRIZ, a Russian acronym for “Theory of Solving Inventive Problems” developed by Genrich Altshuller, a Russian inventor, addressed above critical challenges. Altshuller developed a systematic approach, once understood and followed will empower toolkit for everyone to invent. Corporates like Samsung, General Electric, Proctor & Gamble, Intel, Hyundai, Samsung, Louis Vitton, to name a few, have adopted this structured Innovation methodology in technology development and addressed above critical challenges with success.

Countries like South Korea, Poland and Columbia are promoting SME's to adopt TRIZ and enabling them to “export ready” with a differentiated product protected by patent(s) and compete globally.

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