IMTMA Training Centre

Manufacturing Automation using Robots

Focus Areas

  • Robots and Its applications.
  • Types of robots and configuration; Selection criteria for different applications; Feasibility study for robotisation;
  • Robots for welding Arc welding, resistance welding, spot welding, latest trends and case studies.
  • Robots for machine tending applications stand alone, Gantry and Rail guided systems; Robots for foundry, packaging and painting applications
  • Latest developments and trends Robotic vision, touch sensing, etc.,
  • Integration of Robots with machines considerations required
  • Implementing Robotic systems ‐ user perspective; case studies and examples


Robots have been proven to deliver a host of benefits in a wide variety of manufacturing applications. Industries introducing robots to their production processes have typically seen a significant transformation in their productivity and efficiency, with higher levels of output, product quality and flexibility amongst the many other improvements. Though the robotic revolution in India is driven by the automotive industry, other applications like – machine tending, foundry, medical components processing, etc., are also growing.

This programme will provide in depth knowledge about the types and selection of Robots for different applications as well as the latest developments in the Robotics field. The presentations would be supported by real time case studies from various manufacturing sectors and the experts presenting technical seminar would also share their vast experience in Robotics applications and best practices followed in the world.

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