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Focus Areas

  • Introduction to FEA for beginners
  • Domains of application for FEA
  • Benefits of FEA in Product Design & Development
    Basic Concepts in FEA
    • Concept of Stiffness
    • Spring Assembly Analysis by Example
    • Matrix application in FEA
    • Concept of Stress, Strain & Deflection - Axi-symmetry - Plane Strain - Plane Stress
  • Design Validation Process for robust product design & development
  • Step by Step method for performing Linear Static FEA
    • Validation procedures & Convergence check for FEA - Errors in FEA - Demonstration using Case Studies
  • Life Prediction – Methods for assured performance
  • Correlation to Field/ Measured Data

Real-World Case Studies on Design Validation


Engineering Industries in India are faced with many challenges on product design development. Some of them include demands on lower cost of ownership by customers, superior performance, faster time to market and erosion in profit margins. Enhancing product value in terms of functionality has never been more important. Finite Element Analysis has become the mainstay of engineering design and development to accelerate new product development. Companies need to invest in design validation processes and technologies to survive and conquer, considering the global market and the accompanying challenges of open door competition.

Practical methods to implement FEA as a part of the Design Validation Process needs emphasis with a proven approach addressing real-world situations. FEA has become commonplace in terms of adoption and efficacy. It is important that, in order to stay competitive and profitable, Indian manufacturing industries focus on innovation and technological upgradation by incorporating best-in-class process as applied to Design Validation. This is not only essential to protect profitability but also to ensure survival.

This program will help the organizations seeking ways and means to implement robust Design Validation processes as a part of product design and development.

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