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Maintenance of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems

Focus Areas

  • Function of hydraulic components - Pumps, DC Valves, Cylinders, Motors and Reservoirs
  • Symbols and circuit diagrams
  • Hydraulic circuits using elements - DC valves, Check valves, Pressure control and Flow control valves
  • Hydraulic technology in Machine Tools – case studies
  • Energy saving measures in Hydraulic power packs
  • Maintenance and Trouble shooting of Hydraulic circuits; Safety procedures and practices; Case studies
  • Pneumatic components; Standard ISO Pneumatic Symbols & schematic diagrams
  • Maintenance and Trouble shooting of Pneumatic circuits; Typical issues with Do’s and Dont’s.
  • Hands-on sessions and exercises in Hydraulic and Pneumatic trainer kits
  • Hands-on sessions in Dismantling and re assembly of Hydraulic elements


Hydraulics and Pneumatics systems form the two basic methods of powering the industrial machinery. They form an integral part of any mechanical system and find a variety of applications in the manufacturing industry – right from simple hand tools to sophisticated CNC machine tools. Today, the advent of Electro hydraulics & Pneumatics opened up new fields of application with more challenging tasks in process control.

Proper knowledge about the Hydraulics & Pneumatics circuits is a must for maintenance engineers in order to ensure trouble free operation of the systems as well as to undertake trouble shooting activities.

This programme will provide an in depth understanding of Elements of Hydraulics & Pneumatics circuits, Preventive Maintenance Procedures and Safe Trouble Shooting Practices. Hands-on practice and exercises will be carried out using Hydraulics and Pneumatics trainer kits.

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