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Proactive Maintenance & Trouble Shooting of Presses to Increase Efficiency & Reduce Failures

Focus Areas

  • Construction aspects of power presses; 
  • Types of drives for presses-mechanical, hydraulic, servo ; Selection criteria; 
  • Tonnage curve for mechanical presses, overload protection methods
  • Maintenance of sub systems of Mechanical presses - frame, drive system, Die cushion, counter balancing, electrical system, pneumatics circuit, etc.,
  • Hydraulic components in presses - Pumps, valves, cylinders etc.; Hydraulic circuits for presses
  • Maintenance of Sub systems of Hydraulic presses - drive assembly, hydraulic system components and electrical system. Cleanliness and filtration of oil; 
  • Safety aspects
  • Preventive maintenance schedule
  • Trouble shooting of power presses 
  • Case studies 
  • Interactive session - problems faced by participants
  • Plant visit to press shop of user industry*


The focal point and workhorse of the sheet metal shop is the press and maintaining a reliable press system is essential to face the fierce competition faced by today's press shops. In metal stamping, everything from poor quality parts to accelerated die wear and damage often is caused by poor maintenance. Many fabricators rely on ad hoc maintenance when a machine goes down, with all available resources focused to fix the problem. This approach works most of the time, but at a high cost. Whereas adhering to a press maintenance program leads to cost reduction by decreasing downtime, enhancing machinery output, and establishing a formal recordkeeping system for ongoing inspections, improve quality production, lower maintenance & machining cost.

Key Takeaways

The participants will be able to understand

  1. Specifications of presses and types of drives
  2. How to carry out maintenance of sub systems of presses
  3. Hydraulic circuits in presses and their trouble shooting
  4. Developing PM schedule and check list

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