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Selection, Assembly & Trouble shooting of Linear Motion Guideways & Ball Screws for Industrial Machinery

Focus Areas

  • Types and accuracy standards of LM guides
  • Selection criteria for LM guides - Design parameters
  • Design Fundamentals of LM guides with calculation  examples – Load, service life, etc.,
  • Procedure for proper mounting of LM rails and LM Blocks
  • Ball screws – Types and pre loading methods
  • Selection criteria for Ball screws
  • Design Fundamentals of ball screws  with calculation examples – Load and Speed limitation
  • What is pre loading and pre loading methods for ball screws
  • Preventive maintenance aspects of LM guides / Ball screws


Linear Motion Guideways and Ball screws form one of the critical elements of precision industrial machinery and in latest CNC machines, the speed and accuracy of axis movements required for high speed machining is realized by adopting LM guide technology. Recirculating Ball screws are available in different configurations and accuracy grades. Proper selection and mounting of these elements is crucial for achieving the desired levels of accuracy on modern machine tools.

This programme will address all the relevant aspects of LM guideways & ball screws right from types, selection criteria, mounting procedure supported with case studies.

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