IMTMA Training Centre

Primer Course on Sheet Metal Forming Technology

Focus Areas

  • Mechanics of Sheet Metal Forming
  • Description & Measurement of Sheet Metal Properties
  • Forming grade steel sheets: Properties and Applications
  • Sheet Metal Formability
  • Overview of Die Design
  • Common Sheet Metal Forming defects, causes & remedies
  • Hydro forming and applications
  • Simulation and Analysis of Sheet Metal Forming


Metal forming technology, over the last few decades has gradually revolutionised and redefined concepts of manufacturing quality products at lower cost, both in high and low volumes, leading to greater flexibility in manufacturing of finished goods. Recent processes have stretched the technology frontier to greater lengths, providing a competitive edge to corporations in the business of manufacturing.

Sheet Metal Forming Technology plays a crucial role in a variety of product segments like automobiles, auto-components, consumer durables and other sheet metal products for delivering high quality products.

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