IMTMA Training Centre

Advanced Course on Sheet Metal Forming

Focus Areas

  • Hydroforming of Sheets and Tubes
  • Superplastic Forming and Diffusion Bonding
  • Electro Magnetic Forming
  • Hot Stamping
  • Incremental Forming
  • Spinning and Flow Forming
  • Roll Forming
  • Tailor Welded Blanks
  • Laser Assisted forming
  • Simulation approach for Advanced Metal Forming Processes


The multiple facets of modern sheet metal forming techniques are applied throughout a wide spectrum of economy, ranging from the automotive industry and machine manufacturing to electrical engineering and electronics. Comparing to conventional manufacturing, advanced sheet metal forming methods offer several advantages, such as decrease in work piece cost, tool cost and product weight, improvement of structural stability and increase of the strength and stiffness of the formed parts, more uniform thickness distribution, fewer secondary operations, etc.

The automotive industry is the main impetus worldwide for new developments as is seen in its efforts to optimise lightweight constructions coupled with high strength. Now a days, Simulation / CAE Tools are increasingly used to develop the product and process, replacing lengthy trial and error processes on real prototypes.

This programme will introduce advance and future technologies that are available and are being developed in the area of sheet metal forming

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