IMTMA Training Centre

Selection of Tools and cutting parameters for CNC Machining

Focus Areas

  • ISO codification of Turning tools
  • Selection and application of Turning tools
  • Tools for Boring, Threading, Grooving
  • Fineries of milling process; Types of milling cutters and their selection for various operations
  • Calculation of power & torque; Spindle T - S characteristics
  • Selection and Optimising parameters for the different operations by referring to catalogues
  • Types of coatings and their applications; Applications of advanced tooling materials - Ceramics, CBN & PCD
  • Types of drills; Selection of drills for various drilling applications
  • Typical machining parameters for drilling operations
  • Tools and their selection for reaming and boring applications
  • Latest developments in CNC tooling - Hydro grip and shrink fit holders, balancing of tools and holders
  • Demo of practical exercises and real time machining in CNC Turning centre and VMC
  • Demo of Drilling and reaming applications, Demo of rigid tapping and thread milling operation


With increasing manufacturing costs and decreasing profit margins, it is extremely important for machine tool users to choose the right type of tooling that will produce accurate parts at lower costs. Application of right tooling can boost throughput and improve the quality of finished parts drastically and also reduce machining cost by as much as 20%.

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