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Challenges & soultions in Thread cutting

Focus Areas

  • Overview of thread cutting methods - Thread rolling, Thread cutting, Tapping, Threadmilling, Relative advantages and limitations
  • Tap geometries, Cold Forming Taps
  • Basics of Tapping
  • Basics of Thread Milling. Tap Holders, Rigid Tapping.Care of Tap Holders
  • High speed Tapping for mass production
  • Demo of Tapping and Thread Milling in CNC Machining centre and cycle time analysis
  • Observation of Chips produced. Demo of Softsynchro to measure Synchronising errors
  • Check list for tap trials


One of the most important but less understood machining processes is Threads and Thread Machining. Most components produced today, whether in the Auto Sector, Process control, or Equipment manufacturing contain at least one form of thread. Hence thorough understanding of the basics and usage of Threads and Thread Cutting tools is of primary importance, especially so with internal threads, where the operation is constrained.

Threading applications today call for materials with high strength to weight ratios which are more often than not, difficult to machine. These impose high demands on thread cutting tools and tool holding and performance limits are stretched continuously. Therefore it becomes imperative that all aspects of threading, be it Thread Cutting, Thread Forming, Tool Holding or Thread Gauging, be explored fully to realize the full potential of the tooling available today.

This programme will provide an in depth understanding of forms of threads, thread cutting and gauging practices. Live demonstrations will be carried out in CNC Machining Centre for demonstrating different thread cutting tools and machining methods.

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