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Basics of Gear Manufacturing Processes

Focus Areas

  • Introduction, Overview of Gear Terminology
  • Process flow of Gear manufacturing
    • Gear Machining in soft - Hobbing, Shaping, Shaving
    • Gear Machining in Hard – Grinding, Lapping
  • Gear blank preparation
  • Gear Hobbing – Process parameters; Work set up and Hob set up methods; Process optimization and productivity improvement
  • High speed gear Hobbing with case studies
  • Gear Shaping – Working Principle; Process parameters; Work set up and Cutter set up methods;
  • Shaping of internal and external gears; Industry application examples
  • Gear Shaving – Working Principle; Advantages and limitation; Industry application examples; process capability in terms of gear quality and surface finish
  • Cutting Tools for Hobbing, Shaping and shaving
  • Gear Heat Treatment
  • Gear Grinding – Need for Gear Grinding; Advantages and limitation; Industry application examples;
  • Types of grinding machines
  • Gear Grinding - Process parameters; Work set up and wheel set up methods; process optimization
  • Gear Finishing – Bore , Face Grinding , Coatings
  • Industry visit to Gear manufacturing plant *

*Note : Factory visit of participants will be subject to the approval of the hosting industry


Gear manufacturing is a fairly complex metal cutting process and forms an integral part of many industrial products. Gears and Gear drives are one of the key components of all kinds of vehicles, machine tools, aircrafts, household appliances as well as a broad variety of industrial equipments. Proper understanding about the various Gear manufacturing processes and controlling parameters is essential in order to meet the growing demands for better productivity and quality of gears.

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