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Process Capability - The Quality Route to Sustained Growth in Manufacturing (Cp, Cpk)

Focus Areas

  • Revisiting concepts of Process Capability : Concepts of Cp, Cpk 
  • Effect of Variation, Normal Distribution, Histogram, etc.
  • Hands‐on exercises in Cp, Cpk Calculations
  • Plotting Control Charts and Analysis
  • Interpretation of Control Charts and corrective actions
  • Calculating standard deviation and plot normal distribution Calculating Cp, Cpk, Pp and Ppk; relate values to distribution


Companies are employing highly capable manufacturing processes, to achieve greater cost competitiveness and in their quest for achieving 'Zero Defect', are taking several proactive measures in controlling and maintaining their processes.

Users of machine tools require that machines be not only reliable and productive also expect them to achieve a high degree of Process Capability with consistent precision and accuracy. During regular working of a machine, change in variables result in processes producing rejections. This is a major challenge for production engineers and a challenge that Production Engineers, Tool suppliers, Machine Tool builders & Maintenance Engineers must address jointly. There is a need to move from percentage defectives to PPM levels. This requires deployment of several quality tools across the company in all its operations and processes. It also requires a clear understanding of all factors and variables which affect quality.

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