IMTMA Training Centre

Surface Finish - Measurement and Improvement

Focus Areas

Introduction to Surface finish

  • Importance, its occurrence and effects
  • Preferred values & relation between various parameters
  • Surface finish & manufacturing economy; surface finish
  • Techniques & instruments for Measurement of surface finish
  • Improvement of  surface finish
  • Demonstration on measurement of surface finish
  • Demo on improvement of surface finish in Turning & milling


In precision engineering industry, the functional properties of a component are affected by the boundary areas (or the surface) of the component. This aspect becomes all the more important when the surface contacts the surface of mating component and is operationally related to it. The unceasing demand for increased performance, interchangeability and functional reliability has resulted in shrinking of tolerances for a precision component . As the tolerances shrink the surface aspects of the component become more and more dominant and the dimensional aspects of surface finish get to be exceedingly important. A serious quantitative study of the quality of a surface becomes an inseparable part of component design, manufacture and inspection to ensure proper functional behaviour of the design.

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