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How to Improve the Accuracy of Machines Tools

Focus Areas

  • Accuracy of CNC machined parts – Role of Machine tools and machining process
  • Effects of control elements on positional accuracy and dynamic performance of machine tools
  • Heat sources in CNC machine tools – Thermal influences in machine tool accuracy and corrective measures
  • Accuracy testing and Improvement of CNC m/c Tools
  • Ball bar test; Interpretation of results; Correction methods
  • Laser calibration procedure; Observations and corrections
  • Classes of Ball screws and LM guide systems and their proper alignment
  • Role of process, Work holding, Tooling, Programming to achieve desired results
  • Live Demonstration of Ball Bar and Laser equipments


The quality of every component produced on a CNC machine is highly dependent on the machine's performance. The accuracy of machined components would depend upon inherent accuracy of the machine tool as well as the machining system as whole including process, Tooling, Work holding and Programming. One of the major contribution for the machine tool's repeatability and, as a consequence, the accuracy of the parts being produced is the thermal effects generated by internal heat sources or environmental changes. With the proper implementation of direct position measurement feedback systems, on linear and angular axes, most thermal errors in the position loop can be eliminated. Regular testing of the machines using Ball bar and Laser equipment will highlight the present condition of the CNC machines and suitable corrective actions can be followed thereafter. The correct process also plays a vital part in achieving the desired results.

This programme will provide in depth knowledge about the concepts of improving accuracy of CNC machines and the role of direct and indirect measuring systems as well as Ball screws , LM Guides, etc., in accuracy and repeatability of CNC Machines. The presentations would be supported by real time case studies and Live Demo of using Ball bar and Laser Interferometer.

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