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Cleaning of machined components

Focus Areas

  • Importance of industrial parts cleaning
  • Cleanliness testing methods.
  • Inspection procedure in determining cleanliness.
  • Different types of cleaning media; Selection of right cleaning media
  • Important factors influencing cleaning results; Influence of ambient (surrounding) conditions
  • Combining Cleaning Technologies; multi‐stage cleaning systems using automated material handling
  • Ultrasonic cleaning processes
  • Cleaning Chemistry - Insight and recent trends
  • Cleaning of automobile parts ‐ user perspective
  • Live demo of ultrasonic cleaning equipment


Parts cleaning, like most metalworking processes, are experiencing ever tightening specifications. Owing to the constantly increasing requirements in terms of efficiency, quality and environmental protection the cleaning of industrial parts has become absolutely essential in modern manufacturing processes. It is highly critical especially in case of automotive components, aerospace parts and medical implants.

However, Parts cleaning is often the most ignored area in the production lines. Cleaning is commonly considered as non value adding process; without evaluating the consequences of ignoring component cleaning. A successful cleaning process requires careful selection of both the cleaning chemistry and equipment. Cleaning process is influenced by various factors viz. manufacturing process, cleaning media, surrounding conditions, work‐piece quality, parts handling, machine technology, testing process (Millipore test), etc.

This programme will provide in depth knowledge about the industrial cleaning processes supported by real time case studies from various manufacturing sectors (automotive & general engineering) and live demonstrations. Experts presenting technical seminar would also share their vast experience in component cleaning and best practices followed in the world.



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